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• Feb 23, 2020 - 03:19

I'm really new to the software and am writing some notes for brass instruments, some of which are out of range. However, when I try to use the playback it only plays the notes within range and skips the others. I've tried extending the normal tone ranges within the Staff/Part properties menu, to no success. Am I missing something or is this a normal feature?


Soundfonts work by sampling real players playing real instruments. so if a note is truly unplayable, it's hard to get a recording of it :-). Soundfonts due use some amount of "scaling" to produce notes above or below the normal range, but on;y up to a certain point. You could try another soundfont (see the Handbook for more info). What instruments & notes are talking about here?

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If you attach your score, or even just an except, we can understand and assist better. My guess at this point is you have the transposition wrong, like you are trying to enter notes in treble clef at written pitch while in concert pitch mode or without choosing the treble clef transpotion.

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Most of those notes are marked as out of range, for good reason - hit the concert pitch button and you'll see they are impossibly higher. Your transposition settings are messed up (right click the staff Staff Properties). It's claiming the euphonium sounds two octaves higher than written, which is nonsense. The euphonium is normally written at concert pitch - it sounds neither higher nor lower than written. Or, when writing in the British brand band tradition, it is written in treble clef and sounds an octave plus a major second lower than written.

I'm not sure how your score got into this state - if you add a euphonium from the instrument list normally it should be set up correctly already, whether you choose the default (bass clef) or the treble clef version. But anyhow, to fix it, you need to reset the transposition to 0. And then you'll need to fix the music you already entered, which because of the transposition is actually two octaves too high (as you'll see when you fix the transposition in Staff Properties). So select the music on those staves and hit Ctrl+Down, twice.

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