Creating a booklet of songs and words/drama

• May 10, 2024 - 12:03

I've created some songs, and want to insert pages of dialogue/reflections in-between the songs. Is there an easy way of doing this? So far I have created PDFs of the songs and I suppose I could do the same with the pages of script in between, but then I'd struggle to add page numbers/headers, etc (it's hard to do that with a PDF) and format it so it looks good. I have a Macbook.
One option might to insert the music as images (pngs) into Word and then manipulate it, but then the music looks really small, and I would have to fiddle with page margins etc.
I have around 55 pages altogether of music and script/dialogue/reflections in-between. I guess eventually I would create a spiral bound booklet of the final edit.
Any help would be very gratefully welcomed! Thank you.


Just to add, I think in the past I have used text frames in between songs (with whole pages of text), and a reminder how to do this would be much appreciated. As well as a reminder on how to create multiple songs in the same document. Thank you.

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Many thanks. It would be good if the use of frames was a little more intuitive, rather than a hard chore with very much hit and miss results, although that may be due to my lack of understanding/skill! Inputting music is fantastic, but adding block text is less so. Three things, amongst others, I really struggle with is
a] doing a copy and paste from word to a text frame, as it just seems to go outside the frame (wrapping of text would be helpful),
b] and of course all the formatting (tabs, etc) disappear. A choice of different fonts would be good too, although again I might have missed where fonts are located in MS.
c] adding frames 'above' the top of the score.
The attached screenshot is an example off my issue! Any help would be appreciated.

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