Possible bug in Mixer re: Soundfonts

• Feb 23, 2020 - 03:53

hey folks

Just discovered a strange behavior and/or bug.

Here is what i do (and can recreate on demand - have tried resetting to factory state, no effect)

1> add a few sfz via zerberus and a sf2 under fluid
2> choose any of the other soundfonts as set as DEFAULT
3> the default button now greys out. I CANNOT choose any other soundfont as default.
4> The new font is definitely in effect, as the piano playback is very different.
5> Restarting the program does not help
6> only solution is to DELETE the soundfont i selected; now, the 'set default' button is now ungreyed.

Is this by design?


I think you may be misunderstanding what "set as default" does. It doesn't just select one soundfont as the default, it sets the entire list of currently-loaded soundfonts as the default list. So indeed, until you make another change to the list, there's nothing new to set as default, so the button remains grayed out.

The way you make a different soundfont actually be used is to move it to the top of the list.

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