Giant Slurs and Ties Appear Everywhere!?!

• Feb 23, 2020 - 21:43

Sometimes when I am arranging, giant slurs/ties appear all over the piece, and I am not able to delete them. I have sometimes been successful using right-click and either selecting Edit Element, or selecting Cut, but sometimes neither of those tricks work. I am not sure what I am doing to cause the giant ties, or why they are resistant to delete. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks.


In order to understand and assist, we would need you to attach a score that has this problem.

Slurs are added with the "S" shortcut, and ties with "+", so my best guess right now if that you accidentally pressed one of these keys while you the entire score, or a large portion of it, selected. In which, immediately pressing Ctrl+Z or the Undo button would be the solution.

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