Hiding empty measures

• Feb 24, 2020 - 05:41

I am working with a 3-part choir and piano score. The piano begins with LH only but when I hide the 20+ empty opening measures of the vocal parts (Format -> style -> score -> hide empty staves within systems), musescore also hides the piano treble clef staff. How can I show the entire piano staff and hide only the empty vocal staves?


Depending on the specifics, it might instead be reasonable to not use hide empty staves globally at all, but instead set "Hide when empty" to "Always" just for the vocal staves.

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Yes, this seemed to work better for me. The only issue I had was that then the full part title does not appear when the vocal part begins. i.e. the staff will be titled "I" instead of "Part I". Is there a way to edit the title of only one staff? I know how to edit the full & short titles but that didn't seem to fix this.

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