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• Feb 24, 2020 - 09:08

I clicked on "Feature Request" but it only showed pages of posts under "Feature Requests" and no option to SUBMIT a request; so here it is (subtitle- NOTE ENTRY): In Rhythm Entry method, I know that some instruments play different rhythms than others, but many are the Same rhythms, especially Choral/Vocal music. There should be a way to do two or more (at least 2) voices at the same time when entering rhythm. Has this ever been brought up?? It would cut note-entering time by about half!


I edit choral music all the time, and use the re-pitch function to speed things up when notating. If you want to write condensed scores for choirs (with two or more voices notated on the same staff, I recommend that you first write the voices on separate staffs (using re-pitch) and then combine them afterwards.

It's not clear where you clicked Feature Request, but it seems you successfully found the option so I'm not sure what you mean?

To be clear, there are forums and there is the issue tracker, two separate things. We encourage use of the forum first to confirm that the bug is real or that the feature doesn't already exist, etc. To post to a forum, simply click the big "Add new Forum topic" button at the top of the page. Once it seems appropriate to log an actual report to the issue tracker, to submit one while viewing the issue tracker you click the big "Add new issue" button at the top of that page.

As for the specific suggestion you make, maybe I'm missing something, but can't you just enter the rhythm into one staff then copy and paste to instantly duplicate in the others/ Or use Tools / Explode of the destination staves are immediately below the source.

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'Explode' does nothing when only one part is entered; As for copying, I can copy a string of notes from the upper staff to the lower - but I can't get to voice 2 to copy it again. Is there a way?? (I tried changing Input mode, but didn't help.)

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Explode will copy the staff of the selection down to whatever other staves are also included in the selection. So just select the source and destination staves together.

Not sure what you mean about voice 2, normally copy will copy all voices. We'd need you to attach your score - or a relevant excerpt at least - in order to understand and assist better.

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...about voice 2: Each voice must be entered separately, right? After entering voice 1 (Rhythm mode), I copy that string of 'notes,' hoping to paste it into voice 2; but when positioning cursor and selecting vc 2, it just inserts a note or rest (not requested) and I'm unable to Paste the string of notes. I can see how screenshot(s) would help here, so I'll plan on sending a couple later today. Thanks

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Hi, Marc
Just to let you know - After entering vc1 & vc2 in the upper staff, I tried Explode - the correct way that you mentioned - but what it does is separate the two voices, leaving vc1 up, and taking vc2 to the lower staff. But I don't need a solution/workaround for that - I experimented with the other option (above) and I'll share here what happened: Entering Rhythm / copying / switching vc / pasting seemed to work, but what also worked - and this bears checking/confirming - was Using Step-Time mode > Entering the notes I want for vc 2 / copying / switching / pasting to vc 1 --- then paste again in lower staff (to vc 1) / switching (this puts the notes very high on the staff, so I lower them an octave (Ctrl+Down) making room for another paste to vc 1. - Using Step-time and entering the actual pitches takes a little more time on that first voice, but then I only have to re-pitch the other three voices. This should save me a good amount of time! Thanks for your input, and you too, -- jeetee (?).

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Yes, it wasn't clear you were actually entering two voices into the first staff, so I was guessing you had only a single voice entered already, in which case explode would be a good choice. It's still not clear to me, because elsewhere you said you wanted to copy into voice 2, making me think you haven't entered voice 2 already.
Anyhow, glad you managed to figure something out. But in the future, attaching an example really does help us understand and assist better.

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ok - After you suggested Explode, I entered two voices, thinking it would copy both voices to lower staff. I did originally just have voice 1, so, since it was the first voice entered, I wanted to copy it " into voice 2" - the problem being that I simply had to switch the voices to do this. Plus, I had a 'brain fart' thinking I couldn't copy two voices! So in conclusion, using some of the valuable information/suggestions you offered, I see the quickest way to enter two voices into each staff (assuming similar rhythms) is to 1. Enter (Step-time) a part - (I use notes for voice 2) 2. copy these notes 3. switch vc's 4. paste to vc 1 5. Copy both voices 6. Paste to next staff (repeat for additional staves) 7. Re-pitch Do I finally 'have it' or do you see something I'm still missing?

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Again, it's easier to tell if you post a score, right now we're still just sort of guessing as to what is going on. I still can't tell what if anything is going on with voice 2. IUf you just want the same thing in all parts, you don't need to use voice 2 at all, not any any staff. Just select the whole set of staves at once then run Explode. If you want voice 2 to have notes also, it's still not clear if they are to have the same notes, nor is it clear which staff or staves is supposed to have voice 2.

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I see now. Just remember, what's obvious to you when you see your own score is never so to us who can't see it, which is we we always ask for scores (and indeed, usually the actual score is better than just a picture, but in this case, the picture is sufficient).

In this particular case, the way you described getting that result: enter notes into one voice of one staff, duplicate into the other voice, then copy/paste to the other staff - is as good as any. But FWIW, if there are more staves involved, doing it in the opposite order would be more efficient,. That is, first copy to the other staves, then copy all to the other voice. It's more efficient in that order because you'd be able to use Explode to copy to all staves at once. But when there is only one other staff, it's the same either way.

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