2 Parts Song, last measures of each stave is not connected with a line like at beginning of Stave?

• Feb 24, 2020 - 14:45

I have a song with 2 parts (1st and Bass). The last measure on each line of those 2 staves are not connected like they are in the first measure of each line. How do I get them to show as connected. Attached is the .mscz file I am referring to.

Attachment Size
The Man With The Bag_1st&Bass.mscz 44.82 KB


I'm not sure I understand. You want only the last measure of each system to have barlines drawn through the staves? That's not standard - it's normally just the initial barline, or all barlines. And just the initial barline is the standard for vocal music, to avoid breaking up the lyrics. So I'd encourage to leave this alone. But if you really do want to extend the barlines on just some measures but not others, do that by clicking the barline you want to extend and dragging the handle down while pressing Ctrl.

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