Use of melisma's and dashes in lyrics

• Feb 25, 2020 - 21:33

In lyrics, when entering a word containing several syllables, these syllables are separated by dashes. However, when I add a melisma to a syllable and I enter a dash, the melisma disappears. Only when using a space to step to the next syllable text field, the melisma is kept. Is there a way of using melisma's in combination with the dash as separator between the text fields? In the example below, I should be able to insert a dash between "maa" and "il" as the complete word is "maailma".

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A suggestion : add just before syllabe "il" Ctrl + dash and Ctrl + space (two or more Ctrl + space if needed)
Then you obtain : maa__________ - il - ma____________
It's a workaround I found !

To be clear - the standards for music notation call for either a dash or an extender, never both., Dashes are used to connect syllables of a word whether there is melisma or not. Extenders are only used for melisma at the end of a word.

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