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• Feb 26, 2020 - 08:12

I am trying to get this chord xml to work the way I want it to, when I click to edit the chord, it shows it the way I want it to be viewed (Mostly) but when I click out of it, it reverts to the chord above the one shown. How can I fix this (Image 1)? Also, I want to fix this minor chord, I want that 'm' to remain unchanged; meaning I don't want it to be a super or subscript. I understand that I will probably have to make my own xml file for this, but that's also the problem: I have no idea what to do with an xml file, how to edit it, where to even get one or how to specifically make a lower case 'b' be turned into a superscript flat sign (in the inkpen jazz font) and make the lower case 'm' remain unchanged (which uses the character Π)
The last picture is a picture of my styles window, showing which xml I am using.

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Are you typing the letter "b" there, or inserting a flat sign manually? If the former, then I guess the font you are using includes a flat sign instead of the letter "b", but lacks a proper flat sign in the usual Unicode and/or SMuFL locations. Really, best to report that bug to the font designer, asking them to include proper accidentals. Or edit the font yourself, such as using FontForge. But failing that, indeed, you'll need a custom XML file telling MuseScore how to find the flat sign that is there.

I'm a little confused by the last picture, is that just a mockup? It doesn't really work to put "https" paths in the dialog, does it? You'll need to download the file to your computer and put the path to where you downloaded it here.

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So yeah, assuming the developers of that font don't send you a fixed version any time soon, you'll need a custom version of the XML file as a workaround. I'd start by making a copy of the chords_std.xml from your current installation folder (the MuseScore 3 version, presumably), then you'll just need to experiment with things. If you're lucky, it might work to simply remove the line
, but chances are if they've done one non-standard thing like put a flat sign where the 'b" should be, they've done others too.

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MuseScore 3 comes with its own files, they are in whatever folder you installed MuseScore to - eg, C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3, if you're on Windows, wherever the standard place is for macOS or Linux. Just create a new score then go to that chord style window and press the browse button; the dialog that comes up will default to the right location. As I said, copy the chords_std.xml file from there to somewhere of your own choosing (eg, your own Documents/MuseScore3/Styles older). Maybe you'll get lucky and deleting that one line will do the trick.

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