Unable to install Musescore

• Feb 26, 2020 - 10:26

Hi, I have made several attempts to download and install Musescore on my laptop, (running on Windows 10), but each time get an error message 'The system cannot open the device or file specified' followed by an error code 2755. Could you please suggest what the problem might be. I am aware that two colleagues in my music group have Musescore successfully downloaded, however I also have Finale 2014 installed if that is significant.
Roy Harris


Google that error, there are a few hits. Likely cause might be a full disk or some Anti-Virus program.
Very unlikely MuseScore fault or due to Finale being installed too

Check to make sure you have enough space on your device. Otherwise, make sure the installation program is not on an encrypted directory. Look at the file explorer listing for the install file. If the lettering is in green instead of black, then it's encrypted. Create a new folder, right click on it to check its encryption status and change that if possible. Then try downloading the installer to that directory and installing it again.
If the install file is not encrypted and you have enough space, then your operating system may be corrupt somehow. Run a virus scan. You can also check Windows for errors:
Press Windows Key + E
In the left pane, right click on your drive
Select 'Properties'
Under the 'Tools' tab -> Error Checking , click the 'Check' button.
This will run a scan of your Windows files and check for corruption.

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