font name problem

• Feb 27, 2020 - 14:48

Hello everybody,
I had, like most people, some problems to view some fonts in windows 10 family and Musescore
After applied the recommandations in the forums, it seems to be ok.
However, I noticed some trouble with the name displayed in the inspector.
Indeed, after clicking one time on a text frame, it appear in the inspector. I see the font name and I can change it, but it doesn't do anything, even after clicking enter.
When I double-click, I can change the font in the bar below and it's okay.
But when I click again, it already shows the name of another font...

Someone has an explaination ?
Thank you.


I'm going to guess you are trying to use the Inspector while you are still editing the text. This currently doesn't work indeed. It will in 3.5. For now, you need to make sure you exit edit mode (press Esc) before using the Inspector.

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