Scores will not open

• Mar 3, 2020 - 14:49

Dear Musescore,
Musescore has been asking me if I want to download the latest version for weeks. So, I downloaded the latest version last night and now, none of my scores will open. What's with that? How do I get the scores to open?
In Him,


What happens when you try to open one of your scores?
Could you attach one here so we can try opening it as well?

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Dear Jojo,
Before I downloaded last night, I downloaded a version in early January of this year. I think the January version was 3.1. Before I down loaded last night, all the scores opened using the January 2020 version.

I think the solution to my problem is to open the version I down loaded last night and open a score with the latest version. After that, all the scores will open using the latest version. I need to find the executable file of the version I down loaded last night and open it.

FYI: I downloaded last night because the percussive organ A2's and Ab2's sounded very strange in my January version and I was told that the latest version will correct that.
In Him,


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