Replace e.g. "mp" by "mf" in same location by direct substitution

• Mar 4, 2020 - 05:17

After positioning a dynamic marking, I sometimes want to replace it while keeping the positioning. Instead of doing what I am used to - delete the existing marking, drag the new one from the palette, and reposition - I would like to be able to do something like this: select the existing marking in the score, then double-click on the new one in the palette, and have the new one replace the old one in the same location. Or has this already been implemented? The same thing might be good to apply to the symbols on the other palettes as well.


It's something that has been discussed and may well be coming in a future update that will also add other improvements to input and editing of dynamics and hairpins. But I'd encourage you to submit an official Suggestion to the issue tracker (assuming a search doesn't yield one already) to make sure it doesn't get forgotten.

I wish we have the same option for fingerings. Most often (not always but almost), when I add a fingering to a note, any existing one should be replaced.

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