Can't select audio device

• Mar 10, 2020 - 19:13

Just installed MS on my Mac running Catalina and sound doesn't work. If I go to I/O preferences everything is greyed out and no option comes up if I click on the fields.

I already tired an PRAM reset, reinstalled MS multiple time and it still doesn't work.


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I know you had to jump through some hoops to install MuseScore. You installed the 64 bit version?
Also, until you get it working try only built-in speakers. Is Catalina the native OS or an upgrade on this computer?

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Might also be a driver issue.
At this point you might consider searching for "mac audio not working " on the web. There are lots of listings out there. Some want you to install their software to fix something, but you don't need it.
Or a new driver for your usb device.

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The problem is every other application works just fine, only MS doesn't. Also you don't really need a driver to use audio devices on Mac since they use CoreAudio. My interface doesn't even have a driver for macOS available. It doesn't work with the built-in speakers either

Did you try the toggle 'MIDI Input' trick? That is, you click the MIDI icon on the toolbar a few times.
Shutdown and then re-start your computer?

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