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I want to use that intro. for one of my songs.
But I am bothered as to whether I had heard it somewhere before.
Can anybody tell me if he/she heard that Intro. anywhere?

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I am not formally trained in music and I am not much of a player.
But I compose. I can't explain how I do it.
So where are my melodies coming from?
Are they my creations or am I pulling from my sub-conscious melodies
that existed before?
It makes me uncomfortable.

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Are you getting these back up files from This PC/Documents/MuseScore3/Scores? If so scroll down in the scores folder to find the Compressed musescore type file. If they are not there, then one of two things is going on.
1. You not saving scores using "save as".
2. You saved them in some other location.

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It is not that difficult: Mircosoft in its unlimited wisdom decided it to be a good idea to hide extensions it know how to deal with. Like mscz, for which, if double clicked, it knows to start MuseScore for. Or PDF, which it'll start Adobe Reade for.
Tuns out to be a bad and even dangerous idea though, imaging a file.pdf.exe, with the .exe hidden, so it looks like a PDF document. Double click though won't open it in Adobe Reader, but instead start a program, with potential malicous code.
Fortunatly Microsoft also allows that default to get changed, see…

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What kind of file is still listed in the TYPE column. Not the extension, to be sure, but if you know what different icons mean, choosing the correct file isn't that hard. In the case of the scores folder, there's a lot less clutter that many won't use anyway. Less overall clutter may be why Microsoft went this route by default. Those of us that go a little deeper into software may not agree. But I can't think of any piece of technology, from a computer to a fishing pole, that we don't spend some time adjusting to our own needs.

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I want to be sure here as I might have to teach somebody this one day.
Loving you-------that is the file name.
Loving you.mscz----------mscz or .mscz is the suffix/extension?

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Sorry but the problem is not "Microsoft in its unlimited wisdom" at all.
The problem is the stupid design decision of MuseScore to pollute the score folder with backup files that, on top of that, are sorted alphabetically before the true files !
Several solutions were already proposed, the most obvious one being that MuseScore would use a hidden folder called something like .MuseScoreBackup , including the dot at the beginning much like git does for the repo.

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In Windows default settings you're not going to see those backup files, not a big deal, unless you need to restore from such a backup file.
The Microsoft problem I'm talking about is not about the backup files, but the fact that known extensions, like '.mscz' are not shown by default. Apparently not an issue for the OP though.

@cedy... You wrote:
Can anybody tell me if he/she heard that Intro. anywhere?

Especially in this case, it's best to attach a MuseScore (.mscz) file so that people can actually listen to it. A picture of musical notes cannot be "listened to". (OK... here I mean by using one's eardrums. ;-)
An audio file (even a midi) would also let people on this forum hear something - for them to be able to give you an informed answer to your question.

See my reply to Jojo and open the "cedy_intro.mscz" where you can listen to one interpretation.
You may "hear" it differently in your head (tempo, instrumentation, etc.), which is why a MuseScore (.mscz) file or an audio file is better than your "picture" of the musical notes.

To answer your question: Basically there is not enough content for you to worry about.

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Your intro. basically consists of 4 measures played twice. That intro. - plus the additional 50 or so bars - comprise your "song".
I wouldn't worry about (having to pay for) those first few bars - even if they appear in another piece of music.

Have you ever listened to the intros of Doo Wop music? ;-)

BTW: you attached the MuseScore backup file - .LOVING YOU.mscz, - (ends with a comma) rather than your actual (current) copy.
Compare to my file - cedy_intro.mscz - I posted above. There's no trailing comma, so it opens easily in MuseScore without having to re-name it.


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I don't think I've heard those melodies before. But I have heard music in this style before. So.

I suggest if you are "uncomfortable", then change it. Or don't. Just Write your stuff and be done with it.

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My children are going to inherit my music.
I want to leave them something that puts money into
their pockets.......not something that takes money from
their pockets.
I envisaged this forum as a huge database of musical knowledge and experience.
I thought that I would have gotten more feedback about my "concern" here.
Life goes on.

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I was driving one day and came upon a crowd in the street.
A young girl had passed out.
I volunteered/rushed her to the nearest health centre.
Doctors(plural) work there.
A doctor looked at her, still passed out, and told me to take her
to the hospital, further away.
No attempt was made to revive her.
She was alive when I reached the hospital.

I was driving another day and ran out of gas.
A gas station was about a mile away.
But I had no container in my car.
So I approached a roadside vendor for help with a container.
He did not point me in the direction of the gas station.
Instead, he gave me a small container that was full of of charge.

"People will be different people anywhere you go."
That is the first line of one of my songs..............yuh betta beeleeve it.

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But you didn't ask for feedback on your music. You asked if anyone had heard a few measures of your music before. If your interest in music is to make money from it, then you need to be out in the world doing that. This has always been the case. If you have something to say about life, get out there and and say it. If you post on .com a melody line with lyrics, it's not very effective to have playback be an instrument.
So, what is your end goal?

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