Help needed: notation of a song published in 1786

• Mar 13, 2020 - 08:48

Can anyone shed any light on these notation marks used in a song by Corona Schröter (1751-1802)?
1. ffr and fr
2. The grace note(s) under the direction dolce

The original edition is available as a PDF on…

Thank you!
Dynamics in a song by Corona Schröter.png


In my opinion:
fr. = forte (or forzato: accented)
Sforz. (or Sfr.) = sforzato (strongly accented)
Sffr. (or ffr) = sforzatissimo (very strongly accented)

It is difficult to reach a general conclusion since the dynamics are used very mixed in this book.
For example, it may be necessary to fall to "mf" instead of continuing as a "forte" in the dolce part.

grace notes (Appoggiaturas): Since these notes are transition notes, they were written in this way in order to match harmony. They take half or a quarter of the next (or previous) note, based on their value according to the next (or previous) note.

I added a score I wrote with an average estimate, you can listen and decide.

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