Tuplet cannot cross barlines

• Mar 13, 2020 - 13:31

Doing some troubleshooting of a Stravinsky score. It has sound dropout problems after rehearsal number 42. By sound dropout I mean an instrument that is playing is suddenly silent for a measure or two, but the other instruments play as if nothing is wrong. Anyways, so I've transplanted the original file to the new "Stravinsky - Les Noces III - EDIT.mscz" and I'm in the process of moving the music over to the new file. When I get to page 23, a copy-paste procedure yields "Tuplet cannot cross barlines". I've already read in the forum where some people copy a score with a pickup measure into a new score without a pickup. I don't see any tuplets crossing barlines in this page. Perhaps the page itself is corrupt, I don't know. I have saved this page alone and tried copy paste, still same result. I submit it here along with the score I'm trying to paste it into. Also, the original file is submitted, maybe you can help me find out what's going on with the sound dropouts.


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On System 23, which I have uploaded, there is no tuplet across any barlines. It's just one page and on that page there seem to be no errors. I hand transcribed this score from this IMSLP/Petrucci Library pdf:
If you look on page 13 of that pdf you will see that there are no tuplets over any barlines.
This leads me to believe that either the score is corrupt or something is wrong with copy-paste.
Here is an image of system 23 on page 13 of the pdf:
System 23.png

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UPDATE: I was able to copy the measure before rehearsal 17 right up to the tuplet in Piano II. Then it gave me the error "Please select the complete tuplet/tremolo and retry the command". For some reason I wasn't able to select this tuplet. Mathematically it is correct but the score could have been corrupted right at this point. So I re-wrote the tuplet to look like what is in the score for Piano II: a 32nd rest followed by five 32nd notes, then a glissando. It's my habit to write out glissandos since earlier versions of Musescore, when they weren't playing properly. I carried this habit over to Version 3, where glissandos play nicely. Then I was able to copy and paste it. Looks like I'll have to go over every written out glissando and make it as it is in the score, knowing now that it will play properly.

In Stravinsky - Les Noces - System 23 there is something wrong with the Right Hand stave of Piano I, measure 5 (the 14-tuplet) - it seems you can't select the whole measure for Copy/Paste. I've changed it here if anyone wants to open an editor and compare the file with your original to investigate the error.

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Thanks, and you mean Piano II. Anyway, I re-wrote it as you did and was able to copy paste it. The one I had trouble with was the 13-tuplet in Piano III. This was originally a glissando, and as I explain above, I wrote it it out because at the time (version 2.3 I believe) the glissando was hard to use. What I finally did was to reinstate the glissando, because with version 3.4.2 it can be done without problems.

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