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• Mar 15, 2020 - 11:03

I want to have lyrics shown on all printed parts.
But I don't want the conductor's score littered with duplicated lyrics on every stave.
How can I get lyrics on every part, but only one set of lyrics on the conductor's score?
TIA (MuseScore 3)


I wanted to be able to do the same thing too. And as was said, putting another set of lyrics in the director's part (then make it invisible) still affects the layout adversely. It would be great if the program had a way to anchor lyrics to notes in both the staff above them and below them. I otherwise LOVE this program for its incredible features!

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Can you explain what you mean in more detail, and you attach the score you are having problems with? Invisible lyrics should not affect layout at all. And it's not clear what you be by "anchor lyrics to notes in both the staff above them and below them", but probably there is a way to accomplish whatever it is you are trying to do.

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I have written an SAB choral piece, SA together on a treble clef staff and B on the bass clef staff. When I entered the lyrics, I did it by selecting the soprano pitches. Or in the case of 2 places where I had moving parts in which the alto and baritone shared a different rhythm from the soprano, I entered those lyrics by selecting the alto pitch. When I generated parts (women, men, piano), there were, of course, no lyrics on the bass-clef-only men's part. You are right about invisible lyrics. While I entered another line of lyrics for the men as visible, the layout changed to accommodate; but it reverted once those lyrics were made invisible. I've since decided to eliminate typing in an extra line of lyrics and just generate a "vocals" part which includes both vocal staves. My "anchoring" comment just meant having a way to apply one typed line of lyrics to two vocal lines on different staves so that if each of those staves were generated as different "parts", the lyrics would still appear on both.

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It's very easy, when your work is ended, to have 2 versions of your score, with just a difference of name. I use that for each work I do, for big scores like Big Bands or concert bands, 1 for all the parts, and after, a copy, where I delete all the parts, for the director score, where I do what I want

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