Add another string to my instrument or make a new one with 7 strings like bağlama (Turkish folkloric instrument)

• Mar 15, 2020 - 17:33

Hi all,
I have an intrument named bağlama. It has 7 strings. But I can't find an intrument has 7 strings in musescore. Can I make a new instrument has 7 strings from the beginning. Or add one to a 6-string instrument. Thank you.
Note pls: This is my first post. Sorry for everything.


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Don't worry, I'm not throwing the stone, I had the same idea (question, rather) when I wanted to input scores for baroque guitar (so, re-entrant tuning instrument, and 5 courses). You have to admit that it's not possible, except to spend hours on it. It's better to spend them on your instrument and with the MuseScore score in front of you :)

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Don't look further, it's impossible to get what you think. Nor for the countless instruments that work with courses and not with single strings. Consider that the baglama is an instrument with three rows (and a single pitch for each row) of strings, it's as simple as that.

EDIT: for example
- third course : D5 (or D4), your choice
- second course : A4
- first course : D5

And a template (with D4/A4/D5) and linked staves: baglama1.mscz

Is the A course the highest sounding or lowest sounding course?
In notation, what pitch is the A string (the lowest sounding A of the A course)?


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Thank you for your answer. Both mscz files open. No problem. Left side is correct.
We use at the left side clef. But the frequency of the string is equl to the right D3. How can I explain! Because of the string's thickness maybe. Sorry.
I found a photo. Shows where the notes are. And I couldn't understand why G (at up course) is at the bottom of the score. Normally it is on the second line of the score. As I said my english is not good, especially in music terms.
Edit: I found another photo shows the right place so changed the photo.

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Just I was writing about this, you wrote first. Thank you.
I will try this tab. The sound's frequencies look like same with my baglama.
But there are 7 strings in 3 courses. So i can use just 3X1, I mean in each course there is only 1 string. So the sound will be different its orijinal one. I will prepare a video for you that shows you with how strings course sound.

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