Use TempoChanges

• Mar 15, 2020 - 23:17

How do you add it to your other plugins (On MacOS)? I've read the handbook, but I still can't figure it out. :(


I don't know how mac works but here is how I remember I did it:

  1. Download TempoChanges
  2. Open Files
  3. This PC > Documents > Musescore3 > Plugins
    Just go to the Musescore3 folder somehow and go into the plugins folder. Then just drag the TempoChanges folder into the plugins folder and it will show up when you click "Plugins" in Musescore. Again, I don't know how files are moved and dealt with on mac computers but I hope this helps.

You state having read the handbook and still can't figure it out.
So which step in the handbook is failing you?

As we can't see your screen, perhaps share some screenshots of where your local version no longer matches what the handbook requests you to do.

I got it! I guess I just didn't know how to find the plugins folder. (I couldn't find the package contents since I was right clicking on the app in the dock, which doesn't work)

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To be clear: you absolutely should not be messing with package contents. As the Handbook clearly states, "New plugins should not be installed in the above folders, and neither should the folders be modified. Instead add new plugins to ~/Documents/MuseScore3/Plugins"

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