For Ossias and studies...

• Mar 16, 2020 - 16:50

How many different ways are there to do this?
Note that the resolution must not be lost while doing this process. It should be depicted exactly as it is shown in the image.

Image Capture does lead to some loss of resolution and is very difficult to fit in as it changes a lot of things in the score. (March.png)

Please write down some creative ways of doing this.

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For something like that I'd definitely be using image capture. You can set the resolution of the capture however you want - just right-click the selected region to display a menu of options. Not sure what you mean about it changing things in the score, maybe you just need to disable autoplace for the image (press "=" or use the Inspector).

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Maybe a little bit OT an not sure If I understand it correct and if it's possible to implement, but just wonder: On SmufL there's a section "Beamed group of notes" ( - maybe there's an other I missed. If I'm not wrong, at time you also can use staff text to combine this elements.
But I wonder, if it would be useful to have a combination of such elements for rhythm indication in a future version (inside the master palette or as pallet item) for the most common rhythm indications (?).

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My intention is: If your'e add a staff text, it's possible insert special characters. But AFAIK it doesn't work very comfortable for rhythm indication as described. But I could imagine to have in future a combination of such elements for rhythm indications somewhere, easily to add inside MuseScore.

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