Nested dal segnos

• Mar 23, 2020 - 01:08

I have a song with nested dal segnos.
It has approximately the structure A (segno1) B|: (segno2) C :||: D (D.S.2) :| E |: F G (D.S.1) :| H
I have attached a small toy partition.
The song should be played A B C C D D C C D D E F G B C C D D E F G F H
Two problems:
1. Part F should not be repeated the first time. Instead, after part G (under volta 1, not shown above) there should be a jump back to B. But MS repeats part F and moves on to H. So the D.S. under the volta 1 is ignored.
2. if I remove the volta 1, the D.S.1 is executed. But I do not want D.S.2 to be executed the second time. However, the repeats C and D should be executed. The repeats work, but the D.S.2 is also executed the second time.
What am I doing wrong? How can I tell MS to execute the D.S. under the volta and not to execute the other D.S. the second time?
Thanks for hints,

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