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• Mar 23, 2020 - 11:35

Good morning all,
I am French, please excuse my English ..

Thanks to the developers for Musescore, which I use everyday !! Coming from Finale, the gratuity and the power of Musescore are a breath of fresh air :)

Today I would like to ask for a few features, which I think are really missing. Forgive me if they have already been requested elsewhere:

  • For early music, be able to put a single digit in measure indication (for example "2" instead of "2/2" or "3" instead of "3/4")

  • Be able to increase the size of the notes. Currently we can modify the size of the reduced notes (by default 70%), but not the "normal" notes. Being able to increase these sizes would allow for some eyes a better readability, without however having to increase the general size (in the parameters of the page).

  • To be able to change the font of the notes by a personalized one. Currently there is Emmentaler, Gonville etc ... and it would be really nice to be able to put your own police

  • For new functions in general, maybe it is possible to create votes to know which function is most sought after?

Thank you very much for your attention !


Some thoughts:

  • Concerning to add the single digit: A workaround is to select the time signature invisible and adding the digit from the master palette (probably it's necessary to change the leading space for some elements). But indeed I see also improvements for the appearance of time signatures in the properties dialogue, above single also for complex metres (for example "6/8 9/8"). I think, there's already a suggestion inside the issue tracker, but not sure.
  • concerning the request to increase the note size: Yes, at time it's only possible to select all notes small and to increase the size of the small notes size in style properties. But I could also imagine in sense of accessibly in future to have an adjustment for it for "normal" notes.

(Btw.: Your English is pretty good. I'm a German native speaker, but often don't know if I use the right equivalent in English ;-).

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Thank you very much for your answer.

Concerning the size of the notes, the concern is that sometimes we need normal notes AND small notes .. suddenly the trick to increase the size of the small notes and check "small notes" in the inspector can be wobbly.

For my part, it should not be too big, at 110-115% it is very suitable and the enlarged notes are well readable and do not exceed on the upper or lower line.

I thus find the rendering of the score much more pleasant to read.

To increase the size of notes you could go to Format>page settings and increase the scaling. That will increase the size of everything but it might answer your needs.

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I do support the idea of having a control for this, but at the same time I would strongly urge people not to use it to increase notehead size. The noteheads in the available fonts already completely fill the space between lines and overlap the lines. So in fact, notes on adjacent lines or adjacent spaces actually already overlap each other slightly. Making the notes bigger would not improve readability, quite the opposite. Notes on a space would bleed into the next space, thus making them harder to distinguish from notes on a line, and they would overlap notes on adjacent liens or spaces by an even great amount. making it harder to recognize them as separate notes.

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Hello i fully understand your point of view and even agree ... as long as the magnification of the notes is not exaggerated.

For my part, I indicated 106% and that is enough. I will post an example later.
The concern is that if we play on the page scale to reach a size comparable to my 106% increase in notes, the layout of the score can be completely modified.

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Here are 3 examples ..
extract 1 : Page properties 1,65 and notes 105%
extract 2 : Page properties 1,65 and notes 100%
extract 3 : Page properties 1.70 and notes 100%

Extract 3 is close to the size of the desired notes, but the layout is still larger and I find this annoying.

Then we could imagine having a possibility to adjust the size of the notes for example between 20% and 110% (to possibly avoid collisions between notes or avoid the confusion of knowing which note is indicated on the staff)

Also, if possible, offer other fonts for musical symbols or the possibility of integrating a custom font ourselves ?
It would be great ! :)

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The ability to load custom fonts has been discussed and may happen someday. For now though, the main reservation is that this means a score created with one font will look possibly very different on someone else's system if they don't have that font. So for now, the only fonts available are the ones provided with the program, that you can select between using Format / Style / Score.

BTW, for me your 105% version is not attractive at all to look at and I think will be harder to read for the vast majority of people. There is a reason the standard rules of music notation call for noteheads not to extend into the next space, etc. Again, in a world where scores are often shared (and we provide a platform for that purpose) it is important to consider standard and what is generally considered readable. But if it's for your own purposes only, or for a person with a particular visual impairment that makes this look good, then again, I do support eventually adding the feature.

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