Multiple note input slurs

• Oct 7, 2009 - 14:19

It would be nice to be able to select multiple note at once and create a slur over them just pressing "s", in addition to manual-extension (shift + arrow) of the slur...


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Does this mean the old behavior is removed?
In 0.9.5 user was able to add a slur by selecting a note and press S and Ctrl +shift in normal mode
And it was possible to press S to start a slur, enter notes and S to stop the slur in note entry mode.
I was good for me ... Can we have both?

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Its additional functionality. If you select one note and press S you get the old behaviour. A slur with default length is created and switched to edit mode. If you select two notes, a slur is created beween this two notes. If you select more than two notes, a slur is created between the first and last note.
(Note: Rev. 2171 has a bug which disabled effectively the old behaviour)

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Perhaps an edge case:

  1. Open back-bc2.mscx demo file
  2. Lasso-select a group of notes in several staves
  3. Press S to add slurs

Expected behavior: If a selection spans multiple staves (and contains more than two notes in the selection) then each staff should get its own slur.

Actual behavior: A single slur slur is added to the first staff. Sometimes the slur starts in the top staff and cuts across to a lower staff if a lower staff has the last note in the selection.

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