• Mar 28, 2020 - 02:57

Hi Everyone
I am a teacher and desperately need musescore to teach in these remote teaching times ...Each time my students send me a mscz. file the graphic for a new version appears briefly when I try and open these files ) grey with a more slender font) and then a prompt tells me to update which I have tried to do countless times ...the blue icon that I press to get access tells me that I have the current version ..but clearly I don't..a further prompt says I have a bad file descriptor. any help ??

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What OS (operating system)?
What version of MuseScore?

You wrote:
...then a prompt tells me to update

Try this...
Open the MuseScore software.
Use menu item: Edit -> Preferences and then, on the 'Update' tab, uncheck 'Check for new versions of MuseScore'.

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