Play two sounds at a time?

• Mar 30, 2020 - 15:42

I was wondering if it was possible to get a synth part to play two sounds at the same time. I really like to use the Piano and Warm-Synthesizer together playing the exact same thing and was wondering if it was possible to do such a thing in Musescore.


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You could try some trickery perhaps, but yes, generally speaking if you want two instruments to do something you'll have to tell two instruments to do something. In music this means notating for both of them.

Otherwise resort to a DAW which can very likely create a linked track for such purposes. If you're not already familiar with those though, you'll likely loose way more time than simply copy-pasting the notation to the instrument itself.

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I agree it's nice to have thus automatically, But I definitely would much rather see it as a form of linked staves, so there are actually two separate instruments, rather than merely two sounds for one instrument. After all, someone may well want to print that contrabass part. Also this would be very useful for the case of someone wanting to create multiple versions of a part with different transpositions.

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Exactly. Right now the linked staff feature is too limited for this to work - the staves have to be on the same instrument and thus same playback sound, same transposition, etc. But in principle it would be possible to design an extension to the facility.

You might have to build a new instrument, say, "warm piano" by recording the two sounds together. Fluid can play it and you can write it on a single staff!

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