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• Mar 31, 2020 - 19:06

I clicked the Save as PDF option in the File > Print... dialog but nothing apparent happened. So I tried File > Export... but nothing apparent happened.

Now I can't save my work. File > Save causes the cursor to turn into a beach ball for a moment, but I cannot find that any files were written. Score tabs still show the asterisk and the red quit circle still shows a black dot to indicate they have not been saved.

Now I see old forum discussions that save as PDF is problematic, but I don't find any recent discussion in the last couple years. Is there any update on the status of this problem?

I'd like to exit and restart Musescore so I can try export, but it looks like I'd lose my work in progress. Any suggestions on how I can save my work?

Musescore on a MacBook Air running Catalina 10.15.3


File > Print > PDF is indeed problematic and not recommended. File > Export > PDF is not problematic, but it doesn't solve the issue that for you apparently File > Save or File > Save as doesn't work and so you can't save your score.
You could try to use File > Save online, which stores the score on, and then also use the download as PDF from there

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Thank you. File > Save online does seem to work in this situation.

I had hoped that Musescore3 might have fixed some of the print as pdf problems. Too bad File > Print > PDF can't be disabled but I suppose that would require a whole new print dialog to be developed in place of the system dialog. Oh well, I've learned my lesson and will avoid it in future.

Can you open up a new empty score in the same session, copy and paste from the old score into it, and then save the new score?

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Good idea, but the new score won't save either. I tried downloading the nightly build to try that there, but I can't launch it because macos gives me the error '“” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.'

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