BUG - MUSESCORE 3.0 All clefs changing to treble clef

• Apr 1, 2020 - 01:48

For some reason when I x out of Musescore (even if I do or don't quit) when I click open recent--> and then my score every time it pops up it converts ALL clefs from whatever they are to treble clef.
Example: Bass clef changes to treble clef (doesn't make a difference whether or not I have 1 or more instruments).


And then if you continue to have problems, please attach the specific score you are having trouble with and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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This "all clefts go to treble" randomly occurs for me. It doesn't seem to happen in smaller ensembles. I don't think I can reproduce steps to isolate it.

'About' says: Ver. Rev. 3224f34

I don't know if you have any way to do a whole-score compare, but I just had to fix the problem in this piano concerto movement 3 score. I have a sort-of backup of that score from yesterday ("_safe1").


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You can compare two scores with the Score Comparison Tool available in the View menu.

Looking at the two scores you attached. I see there is an extra bar inserted at the beginning of the "safe version". The comparison tool output also mentions added clefs and I see that there is a difference in the clarinet stave where there is a treble clef in the "non-safe" version and bass clef in the "safe version".

What were the operations you carried out between the two different versions?

Perhaps there is something happening when you insert a bar at the beginning. However, I tried that from the Add menu and did not see a clef change.

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Thanks for looking. The empty measure in 'safe1' was superfluous and got removed in the more recent version. For this AM, numerous operations were done, dynamics changes, removal of accents, and more. I try to manually save every 6-12 operations.

I can say when I load a multiple-instrument score, seems to me it's fine for an undetermined time of editing & playback, then I'll jump to the beginning of score, and see instruments with many ledger lines. Then I see all the treble clefs show up. Even timpani, 'cello & bass.

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Oh, right, that's a significant observation - there is (or was, anyhow) a known bug involving inserting time at the beginning of a score if the initial clef has been changed from whatever the default is for the instrument in question. And since none of these instruments seem to be defined correctly - they are all simply "ARIA Player" instead of actual instruments - MuseScore is no doubt confused.

To fix the score so this doesn't happen again, best to use Change Instrument in Staff/Part Properties to set the proper instruments here.

I can't recall the details on the bug, and I can't find it now, not even when searching closed issues.

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This brings up a "what-is-best" practice. I was using "Staff/Part Properties" to set instruments, but then I got the idea the advised way is through the 'Mixer'.

The only way I can think of to make the ARIA Player designation go away would be to reset all instruments to the Aegean Symphonic Orch. soundfont I have used previously.

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No, the mixer has nothing to do with changing instruments - the full set of properties that define how a staff is interpreted (name, sound, transposition, range, default clef, etc). The mxier can change the sound and sound only. Similarly, changing soundfont changes sounds only, doesn't affect the instrument definitions themselves.

Definitely, if you can't get FInale to export proper MusicXML definitions for the instruments - strange, normally they are excellent at that - then indeed, use Staff/Part Properties to fix it for sure. Otherwise lots of things will be messed up.

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No, neither the Aegean Symphonic Orchestra itself nor its instrument.xml would cause such a thing.

When I look at the properties of your score, I see that the original format is "mxl". This means that the software that created this compressed xml you imported was using ARIA Player. And that's where these instrument names came from.

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I wasn't implying Aegean caused anything. But given I only have 2 soundfonts (MS standard, and Aegean), the only way I can rid my score of residual things like "ARIA Player" and "SmartMusic Synthesizer" (MakeMusic Finale things) is to switch to Aegean, then if I MUST, switch back to MS standard. The Aegean Orchestra is the best alternative soundfont I've used to-date.

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As I explained previously, no, that is not the way to fix the error in the MusicXML file that led to those instrument definitions. You need to use Staff/Part Properties and the Change Instrument button. That fixes everything about the staff at once - name, sound, default clef, transposition, range, etc.

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When I load your scores, there is the mix of clefs I expect. is there a specific measure, a specific instruments where you feel the clef is supposed to be something different?

One thing I can see is that the bracketing is all messed up (bassoon & horn?), as are the sizes of elements (dynbamics tiny), and all the instrument names are simply "ARIA Player". This leads me to suggests the score is the result of a bungled-up import of some kind. So it wouldn't surprise me if problems ensue.

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As best as I can track, I'll load a score, all looks fine. I'll start working on it with edits & playback. I probably jump in and out of 'Inspector' and 'Mixer'. Everything is flow-of-work. Then, -boom-, all clefs go treble.

Because my B.A. is in Vocal/Choral, the messed up bracketing is almost invisible to me. This score was imported from a MakeMusic Finale 14.x version using the 'Dolet' MusicXML plugin. Which seems to produce better imports over the 4-5 days I've tried it. Maybe I should go back to regular .XML exports and imports.

The size of program elements (tiny) may be because I have to use a command-line mode setting for the AppImage executable (Ubuntu Linux 18.04) to be easier to see on my particular screen/display resolution (1440 x 900).

/usr/bin/musescore3.AppImage %F -D 85

The Aria Player is probably 'residue' from Finale. I don't know immediately how to make that go away, since I'm not using any added soundfont for this score.

Your examination is appreciated. Fortunately, changing clefs is a minor bother. I just mention it as a follow up on an older thread.

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See my other reply for how to fix the bad instrument definitions,. which are the main source of all the problems in this score.

The bad fonts, though, are not related. That seems to be another issue of the MusicXML, probably. Attaching that might help. The "-D" option doesn't affect the score in any way, just how it looks on your screen. And now matter how you slice it,. 5 pt font (which is what your dynamics are set to) are completely unreadable, and particularly so when scaled down to a smaller than typical normal staff size.

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