Zoom-pan doesn't follow continuation of secondary voices into a new measure's rest in note-entry

• Apr 1, 2020 - 23:52
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S4 - Minor

As stated in the title, but maybe that wasn't the best way to describe it. A video capture demonstrates (the bottom portion is the actual bottom of MuseScore's score-view window and not merely a windowed video capture (first portion is how it works in first-voice, second portion is the lack of panning view with second-voice):


Something is being calculated with the First-Voice during note-entry while moving forward per chord that isn't being taken into consideration when using the second-voice (probably also the third/fourth voices).

Main point: the measure being moved into has a whole-rest. When there is a note value there, the problem doesn't occur.


Here's a fresh score to reproduce with the following instructions:

1) Open attachment file
2) Scroll down to measure-5 which has some notes
3) Select a note there in voice-2
4) Insert into Note-Entry mode ['N']
5) Make sure your view ends on that measure at the bottom so that the next measure isn't showing below. Do this after note entry begins, since it seems note-entry at first does an appropriate view "auto-alignment" when entered into.

6) Now move forward using the "Next chord" shortcuts (right arrows) while in voice-two.

Result: The moving into the next measure from those notes will not have moved the score-view. Only upon entering a note will it do so. And if there were notes like 3 measures ahead and you use the right arrow... even hitting upon those notes will not change the view.

Note: In voice one, this problem does not occur. If you were to Exchange voice-1 for voice-2 on the measure and repeat the steps, the result would not be the same.

P.S. Aside Note: when not in note entry, moving right doesn't even work while in voice two here when the next measure doesn't contain voice-2 information like this score. It's a no-go. That's more understandable though.

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