BUG - Piece gone, only one extract left

• Apr 2, 2020 - 20:00

I updated MuseScore a few hours ago. But now, when I open a string quartet piece of mine, I only see the Violin 1 line, and it looks like a solo piece - the other instruments are somehow gone. How is that possible? Restarting MuseScore hasn't helped, and it was quite an important piece.. Has anyone an idea how to fix this problem and get the whole piece back? Would be much appreciated. Thanks


Can happen if you use File > Save as while being in the parts tab, pick the same name as the score and ingnore the warning about an existing score

I agree with that the most likely explanation is, you used Save As (rather than Save) while viewing a part, and then you specified that you wanted to save that part right on top of your score, and then you ignored the warning about overwriting the existing file. Either that, or you didn't save on top of the score, and in fact the score is still there on your computer waiting for you to open it instead of the party. Y9u haven't said what you've done to try to find the score. But if you did save the part on top of the score, the backup file should allow you to recover what you had before - what went wrong when you tried the instructions there? Also, if you are on Windows and your folder is in OneDrive, you can always recover older versions of files that way.

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