• Apr 2, 2020 - 20:18

I am and advanced user in Musescore and I can't understand why my personal workspace where my personal palettes were inside has suddenly gone. Yesterday it was. Today not. I had there palettes for harp writing, percussion effects, etc. palettes that I have created from the master palette spending a lot of time. Obviously, they work before and never "had gone". This palettes were no saved but, I always thought that it was no necessary. So, you know: you create a worskspace and "automatically", it saves. Am I wrong?

I had no crash yesterday or something that it can explain that. The other "default" workspaces (and palettes) still are. Only "mine" and most used has gone.

I tried to search the "workspace" files or something in program files folder but nothing.
Any idea about how I can restore my workspace (named Profesional) or what to do to avoid "its missing"

I use Musescore 2.3.2 in win7.

Thanks for all and excuse my English

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It's probably in a hidden folder, like C:\Users\YourName\AppData... something, Be aware that MuseScore 2.3.2 is quite old and has thousands of bugs that have been fixed since, you'll almost certainly do better with a more recent version (palette customization in particular is ten times easier). But I don't know of a bug in MuseScore 2.3.2 that would eliminate workspaces. I'm guessing a Windows update somehow changed something about your user account settings, that's definitely been known to happen.

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Thank you Marc! You were right about the location. I found them but only appear the "new", I mean, all of them modified on 2 April 2020.

As a composer student I always have been a defender of this software, even in my conservatory arguing against Dorico, Sibelius and Finale users because I always found a solution on Musescore 2, even in "contemporary classical writing".

About Musescore 3, of course also installed, Yes I am going to switch to it definitely but, the way you could adjust the distance between staves (or staffs) in Mscore 2, you know, SHIFT and drag, is much easier than Mscore 3. How do you "drag the staves separation in Musescore 3? And sorry, I know that it is out of the topic :)

Let me thank your attention saying that your well-known Reunion piece is a very beautiful miniature that i love to play. Thanks!

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Thanks for the comments!

You're right of course that the Shift+drag operation has changed, but I think you might be confused about it it's purpose. This was never the normal way to adjust staff distance. To adjust distances between all staves score-wide, it has always much simpler to change the staff distance style setting rather than drag each staff manually and hope to get them to line up. Or to add extra space between staves for just a single system, the spacers from the palette have always been the way to do that, although the need for these has all but disappeared due to the automatic placement in MuseScore 3.

Shift+drag was only needed for one pretty rare operation - creating unequal spacing score-wide. In MuseScore 2, sometimes people used that as a workaround for the deficiencies in the layout, to preemptively avoid collisions through the score, but in MuseScore 3, again, this happens automatically without the need for such hacks. So there almost never be a need for this particular type of adjustment. The only case would be, creating extra separation between strings and the rest of the staves in an orchestral score, and that's something you need to do exactly once per score, and the staff property method is much more precise anyhow. And if you set it up that way in your template, you don't even need to do it again for your next score.

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