Jagged Beams

• Apr 2, 2020 - 23:11

Every time I save my score my beams on only one specific measure for all parts end up looking like the image given. Before I save the score it looks normal. The individual parts do not seem to be affected by this.

How do I fix this? It looks like that on the export as well.

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I sent to you a new version of the score. The measure numbers are off because I had removed one empty measure from the beginning. Why the beams are not jagged on your computer is weird. It is jagged on mine even if I close and reopen it. Maybe it's a glitch on my computer?

To address your second question, I have handwritten the score beforehand. Now I am transcribing it onto my computer so I can bring it to school for our band to play (if school reopens this year - I won't be able to bring it to school next year as I am a senior in High school)

You say you see the problem after saving the score. Do you mean a) that you see the problem after saving and reloading the score, or do you mean b) that it looks ok but what is shown on screen changes when you hit the save button?

The attached version certainly doesn't show the problem when I look at it which implies that it is problem b) described above. If that is the problem then it may be a glitch that can be "cured" by forcing a redraw by switching to continuous view and then back again.

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I figured out how to go to continuous view, and back to page view. The problem gets fixed, but it reoccurs as soon as I hit the save button. If I close all my scores that are open and then reload this score, the jagged beams disappear. However, the beams on that one measure (now measure 21) become jagged once more as soon as I hit the save button. So I deduce from this that the save feature on my computer has a glitch that creates jagged beams on that one specific measure.

There was a bug in one of the older versions that was out for a few weeks last year that could cause something like this. SO do be sure you are on the latest, 3.4.2.

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