Help! Can not open v3.4 due to "Apple can't scan for viruses"

• Apr 3, 2020 - 14:49

Hi all,

I just downloaded v3.4 for a newish 2019 MacBook Pro, and I can't open the app at all. My computer is showing an error message that the app can't be opened because Apple can't scan it for viruses to make sure that it's safe, and it says the software needs to be updated.

Help? Has anyone run into this? Thanks for any help!


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Thanks for that. So being on a Mac I have no right click option. When I tried to open it in Finder I got the same message. So I downloaded one of the nightly pre-releases as suggested, and then I got the same error message on that and couldn't open it, either. :( If anyone has figured this out I would be grateful. Still tinkering.

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