Key Signature not respected when notes are played

• Apr 4, 2020 - 17:13

See attached file in e flat with one accidental set via Key Signature.

When the first bar is played, the audio is correct. But when playing first bar of line 3 audio output is "e f g" while I would expect "e f sharp g".

Pretty cetain this is a misunderstanding on my part. But I would expect the entire sheet to be in the key signature, which I selected earlier.

EDIT: Adding a second question: need to add a Tie which goes into second ending. Found
But is there a ticket to improve the default behavior? This should be a solvable problem to implement logic so MuseScore behaves correctly by default and no manual workaround is required.

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You wrote:
But when playing first bar of line 3 audio output is "e f g" while I would expect "e f sharp g".

Here's part of your image:

So... What happened to your key signature?

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Great question. Re-opened file to double check and for reasons unknown the key signature now indeed shows in each row as well as the missing resolution signs. After removing the latter, the lead sheet now behaves as expected.
As can be seen in screenshots by others and my initial screenshot, there was a discrepancy of MuseScore not correctly showing the Key Signature for any staff after the first staff. And by not doing that, it also did not see the need to show the resolution sign. Thus using F natural indeed, or rather not using F sharp while the notes were entered.

Feels like a bug due to the inconsistent behavior.

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You also wrote:
Could it be a problem that this file was in a different key originally?
I copied the original file ...and then changed key to match the new tune I wanted to enter.

How did you change the key? By transposition, or by merely dragging a new key signature onto the staff?

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But keysig is there. And that natural too. The clef is omitted because for that score Format > Style > Page > Create clef for all systems is unticked. Key signature can get disabled at the same place

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