song title issues

• Apr 7, 2020 - 22:03

I create a new song with the song title, then when I reopen it later, Musescore 3 changes the title to scKM2656. Any ideas why?


That filename is what you might sometimes see after a crash when MuseScore asks if you want to restore your previous session. The file your score is restored from has that name. Normally though you shouldn't see that anywhere, it should still display the original filename. Sometimes this might fail if for instance there is a second crash before you have a chance to save the restored file or something weird like that. What version of MuseScvore, what OS, and can you remember something like this happening?

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Thanks so much Marc. That explains it. I've been having problems with my macbook pro, crashing unexpectedly for no reason. I'm running catalina and I'm using musescore 3, which I love, by the way. I've ordered a new macbook air 2020. I'm hoping that should be worry free.
Once again, thanks for your response.

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