Too many notes and rests in a single voice - what am I missing?

• Apr 9, 2020 - 02:46

I'm in the process of moving MIDI files from a DAW and cleaning them up in MuseScore. In other words, I'm starting with extremely messy files.

My question is - how is it possible that I have a full measure rest AND a full measure of notes in the same voice and in the same measure? Shouldn't this be impossible? I've attached an image demonstrating the problem. You'll see - the rest and the notes in voice one (blue color) add up to more than a single measure.

And for whatever reason I can't delete the rests.

I assume that I'm missing something basic about MuseScore because I keep getting this problem.

Thanks for your help!

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Please share the actual score itself.

Having a rest and notes in the same voice at the same time in the same staff shouldn't be possible; and looking at that screenshot it also isn't. Look closely at the 2nd staff, which seemingly only contains a 2nd voice note and no 1st voice. This is impossible, as voice 1 is the only voice that always has to be complete and present. So either the notes or the rest you see on the first staff actually belong to the 2nd staff and possibly have been moved onto the other staff using cross-staff notation.

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MuseScore would not normally do that on its own, it would have to have been something you did yourself, perhaps inadvertently, Unless maybe someone else edited this file? The actual algorithm is not specifically documented, but it doesn't do anything nearly so fancy to my knowledge.

If you do believe MuseScore created this notation all by itself, please attach the MIDI file that generated it, so we can investigate further.

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