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• Apr 9, 2020 - 03:00

I am editing a score downloaded from musescore.com because when it is exported and loaded into Piano Marvel measure six translates the notes because there is no rest after a half note in the treble clef.

Musescore will not allow insertion of a rest in the correct location in the measure.

I'm a novice at editing so have hit a brick wall. Any suggestions?

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That is a score last saved using MuseScore 1.3. Can you tell where exactly you downloaded if from? Just curious...

You may want to edit it using that version, or import it into MuseScore 3.x, possibly via 2.x (not needed in the case though)

But indeed there is no problem with adding a voice 2 rest into that measure (and it is indeed 'legal' for voices 2-4 to be incomplete, to have 'holes'). You could also just swap voice 1 and 2 twice, same result, the rest then shows

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The score from musescore.com is:
Chopin - Nocturne Op. 9 No. 1
1 part • 5 pages • 04:32 • Mar 09, 2014 • 46,361 views

I'm new at this and composition is not my goal - I just wanted to import/export for another program. Only need some minor changes since the other program cannot deal with staff change in a measure and tempo. Other scores have been successful but apparently having been created in 1.3 is a problem.

Thanks for the information.

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