No Backports for Ubuntu 14.04?

• Aug 21, 2014 - 19:54

I have the default (through Synaptic) Musescore for Ubuntu installed but have not been able to import midi files and according to the forums here saw that I need to update to the latest stable release in Ubuntu Backports. I added the PPA according to instructions here but when I try to update repositories I get the following errors:

W: Failed to fetch… 404 Not Found

W: Failed to fetch… 404 Not Found

Also I do not see Trusty listed in the download section at all. Is there a way I can get a more up-to-date version of Musescore than what is provided by Ubuntu?


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Most recent Ubuntu version there is for Saucy - 13.10. I guess that's the same that you get using the regular repository through Synaptic.
Synaptic says I have mscore 1.3+dfsg-1 and if I type mscore -v in terminal it says I have version 1.3 Build 5702. Is that what you have?

I was hoping to get a more updated version in hopes that the bugs with importing midi files were fixed. The Musescore download page says that the official Ubuntu version is not up to date and suggests trying the backports PPA to get more fixes. That's where I ran into the error I listed above.

Guess I could always try the nightlies....

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