Musical Fonts

• Apr 12, 2020 - 21:52

Does anyone know how to change the appearance of one's score. I really want to get that (I don't know in what other way to describe it) that IMSLP score look. I was unable to find any information of if it even is called a 'musical font' let alone how to change or create one. I have provided an example of what kind of look I am going for as an IMSLP score PDF.


Virtually every publisher has their own musical symbol fonts they use, there is no single "IMSLP score look". MuseScore 3 supports four different musical symbol fonts: Emmentaler (the default), Gonville, Bravura, and MuseJazz. You can switch between them in Format / Style / Score. Perhaps one of those will happen to come closer to the particular look you are after. Beyond that, there are tons of other settings in that same dialog for things like thickness of staff lines, barlines, and stems, fonts and size for text, etc.

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Here it is as well as a picture (MuseScore Package contents Mac) of where it should be placed (on Mac).
I would suggest saving the original MScoreTab font (or renaming it MScoreTabOld for example) before replacing it by this one (which should then be renamed to the original name MScoreTab.ttf).
Greetings, Peter Chase.

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