My Scores have all been privated and I didnt even touch anything

• Apr 13, 2020 - 14:36

So I checked a few minutes ago on my musescore page and ALL OF MY SCORES WERE PRIVATE!

I didn't even select private on any of the settings.

This is worrying me. Idk how to fix it. Was there a new update or glitch or did they get rid of the unlimited scores?


You fix it by marking them how you need them to be.

If the score is copyright protected and doesn't have a license deal for it, then they are made private. I believe when pay-for-download became into effect (last year), all scores of which the copyright status back then was unclear and set to "All Rights Reserved" were turned private to be on the safe side.

However, questions about should be posted over there so they can see them and answer you (see )

2 of your scores are not private, one marked as PD

the other as Original Work

For others use their ... menu and change them from private or unlisted to public, one by one, and marle them PD or Original works if they are, so others can download them without being a pro member.
But indeed this question rather belongs to

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