Adding a tie to an invisible grace note, as an option for 2nd endings.

• Apr 15, 2020 - 00:46

Frequently, I have to tie a note to 'nothing' in a second ending. (the note is tied to the note before the 1st ending)

The hack is very useful. You just create a grace note of the same value, make it invisible and then tie it to that, and voila you have a tie hanging in space not attached to any note...

Why not make this the default.... or make this an option. So I don't have to go through all the steps.


As for the Why not make this the default question.

Because coding in workarounds is counterproductive. If we are to code in support for hanging ties, that is what it must be; not a workaround.

Hanging ties/slurs seem to a limitation of MuseScore, and an ongoing source of frustration for its users. it's the same problem with "l. v." ties/slurs. In many cases there's a (notational) workaround, but not all.
I know a lot aboout music theory/history, none about coding; otherwise I'd help, instead of just kvetching.

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