tab fingering placement should be above or below tab

• Apr 16, 2020 - 20:03

When I add fingering to guitar tablature, the fingering is placed beside the note on the tab. The LH Guitar Fingering placement property allows Above or Below staff, but this setting is ignored. How do I get fingering placed below the staff?


macos catalina 10.15.3

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I'm not sure, I don't remember exactly when it was implemented. But it's probably by design, and that's what is expected by guitarists (or probably the majority of them) since this LH fingering is really problematic in terms of visibility/readability and confusion with fret numbers. Besides, you yourself were looking for the possibility to place these fingerings differently.
So, for TAB, use the very first series of numbers in the palette ("Fingering" simple, therefore). By default, they are placed above, but you can toggle them below the staff ("X" shortcut, or via the Inspector, above vs. below).

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To be clear: it should be, if you want standard placement for LH guitar fingering, which is on the staff. Only if you want something other than standard placement should you use a different style. And I can certainly see why if you're showing fingering on tab, you probably don't want standard LH guitar fingering placement

Fingering isn't normally used on tab at all, so originally fingering was completely disabled on tab staves. But a few people wanted it, so an option to add it was added later. Since there is no standard for fingering on tab staves, we simply use the usual standard employed on standard staves.

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No doubt it exists, which is why the option was added. But since it is almost never encountered in published scores, that's what I mean about there not really being any specific standards for it.

Anyhow, Placement is a general property for fingering as a type, but it is true it doesn't necessarily have meaning for any specific style of fingering. Still, it would probably be confusing to have this field come and go as you change text styles. Maybe at best it should be grayed out. Feel free to file a formal Suggestion to the issue tracker for that.

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