Accessing Page view / Continuous view

• Apr 20, 2020 - 13:30

Somehow I accidentally got into Continuous view (which I never use but had learned about at some point). In order to get back to Page view, I had to come here and do a lot of searching.

It seems much more logical to me for this control to be under the View menu, which was the first place I looked for it; note that zoom controls are under this menu (as well as in the dropdown). Page/Continuous view does not seem to me a "file operation" like opening or saving. Once you know about right-clicking on the menu bar, it's easy enough, but that is hardly intuitive. Could it be put it in the more logical place, probably in the same subsection of the View menu as the zoom controls?


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Thank you for replying. The problem was that the "File Operations" items were not visible on the toolbar. (Again, I don't know how I got into this; maybe I hit some weird key combination by accident). So I did not have this dropdown available, and had to search out the solution, which requires right-clicking on the toolbar to restore "File Operations" -- which, as I said, is much less intuitive than just looking on the View menu.

Once upon a time I think it was decided not to have it under View because GUI design guidelines say that nothing in that menu should actually alter the content of the document, and at the time, changing View did - it was an undoable action with its own place on the undo stack. That's no longer the case. So it could probably be safely added to the View menu indeed.

Not sure what you mean about right-clicking on the menu bar, though, that's not normally necessary or helpful at all. Just use the dropdown menu normally.

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