Fast Bluetooth pc adapter

• Apr 20, 2020 - 22:11

I'm playing some fast scores (William Tell Overture) using a usb-bluetooth adapter.
The problem I experience is the delay introduced by the bluetooth, the music is out of sync
with the playback indicators on musescore 3
Any recommendations for a faster adapter? What is the technical value, is it latency?
When i play with the PC speakers (lousy) or an external speaker with hardwire connection
there isn't this sync problem.
Thank you all.


While newer Bluetooth devices and better protocols start becoming available; it mostly currently is less a matter of being "fast enough", but the Bluetooth specification limiting audio and requiring re-encoding it to fit the protocol. That is where the delay originates from.

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Thanks. I found a low latency adapter (referred to as aptX) but I guess the encoding limitations can only go
from 70 ms to 20 ms. Still troublesome enough for fast music (100 bpm, eights) and even to encode audio
from the TV. Found out that you need a matching speaker/audio phone with aptX latency. That means it
must be newer, like bluetooth 4,0 or 5.0.
So it is back to the audio cable connection for what I want.

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