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• Apr 22, 2020 - 12:56

I like having my Musescore interface in english language but I compose music with text in spanish, latin, italian and english. I've got used to using the "spanish keyboard" layout. How could I have this? Seems now I can't write accents like "mártyres" "pèro".

Thanks a lot comunity:)


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I have found that, in the advanced-settings tab, you can check "first start" or something like that.
This way, I think it doesn't mess arround to much with custom settings.

I to have problems with keyboard input... I'm from Belgium (the Dutch / Flemish part)
We have a AZERTY lay-out.. but when I try to use nr. 5 or 6 on the digits at the top-side of the keyboard.. MuseScore doesn't recognise the as sutch.. so a bit anoying.

What OS are you using? I have ubuntu studio and I use a hardware UK keyboard (with the £ sign) but have set up a custom system keyboard (blend of Spanish, French and Esperanto) and all the accented characters I need now work in MuseScore. I have used Spanish and Welsh keyboard layouts on Windows in the past and they worked (I can't get into work at the moment to check if they still work in the latest MuseScore, though).

So, what is the hardware of yourrt keyboard, what OS are you using, what version of MuseScore etc. to help people help you?

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