Concert Pitch - Spanish Translation

• Apr 24, 2020 - 00:53

I'm correcting some words that are wrong in the spanish translation.

The firts question is: How do you think is the best translation of Concert Pitch?
Before was "Afinación de concierto" and now is "Sonidos Reales".
I think that none of both reflects the meaning of the function in the software.

And second: How many time takes to appear the changes in MuseScore?
I change some words yesterday and there aren't new updates in the Resource Manager for the Spanish language yet.

I'm really sorry for my English!!!!



Ciao. For Italian I used Partitura in Do, (no one told me it wasn't correct).
The updated translations will be active on the next version (3.5 when it comes out) or the most recent Nigthly (I think).

I did a little research...

  • Sibelius have a button with the text: "Partitura con transposición" with the hint: "Cambia entre sonido real (afinación de concierto) y altura transportada".
  • In Dorico, there are 2 view modes: "Afinación de concierto" y "Afinación de transposición".
  • In Notion, there are 3 view modes: "Transpuesto", "Afinación de concierto" y "Tono de concierto".
  • In Harmony Assistant, there are an option: "Visualizar partitura transportada" with the hint: "Si está activo, la tonalidad de los instrumentos transpositores será representada".

I was thinking in something that comes from "Instrumentos Transpositores" but I didn't found anything satisfying.
But maybe "Afinación de concierto" is the choice, because is the most popular translation in other softwares.


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In Sibelius: "Transposing Score"
In Dorico: "Concert Pitch" y "Transposed Pitch"
In Notion: "Transposed", "Concert Tuning" y "Concert Pitch"
In Harmony Assistant: "Display transposed score" -> "If enabled, key for transposing instruments will be displayed. If disabled, the score appears in concert key."

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