Entering notes in double treble-clef staves

• Apr 26, 2020 - 22:30

How does one enter notes that are connected but in different staves such as shown in the screenshot?


Where does one find printed/displayed instructions on how to accomplish it?


I was able to enter the notes across the staves but that seems to throw both the beat count and the note placement out of whack in the first measure. In the upper stave, when I try to augment the E5 the program simply ties it to the first E5 in the second measure. Similarly, in the lower stave when the augmented E4/G4 combo (forgive the terminology) is entered it's placed after the eighth note rest and inserts a quarter note rest at the end of the measure. I've tried many times to correct this but I'm stumped.
I'm using version 3.4.2 of the software,

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Enter them also in the bottom stave (the 1/8ths), and then mark them invisible after having tied them to the main note.

Cross-staff notation only shows your note on the other staff, but doesn't move it there. And ties are limited to notes within the same staff.

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Techincally, the original piece is wrong, which makes it harder to transcribe into MS. Although it is easy to grasp the composer's intention, the number of beats in the Bass Clef does not add up; or, they should really have had whole notes tying to the dotted mimim becasue the way they have it you have quarter-notes tying across a gap. Why notate it this way, anyway?

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