No sound from keyboard

• May 2, 2020 - 19:33

Hello, how could I do to have the MIDI Keyboard sound in MuseScore 3 (appimage). Currently using Ubuntu Studio.


You mean you have plugged in a MIDI keyboard and you want MuseScore to playback using its sounds rather than its own built in synthesizer? Go to Edit / Preferences / I/O and select your keyboard for MIDI output there. Be sure to plug in and turn on the keyboard before starting MuseScore for best results.

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I have an issue with trying to do the opposite: to play my keyboard with the sounds of MuseScore.

It used to work normally, if I selected a bar in the pentagram of the instrument I wanted to play.
But now nothing outputs and I'm not sure if the I/O configuration is wrong.

Playback is also normal. The score plays back the sounds assigned through the mixer.

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I just started experiencing this issue, tonight.

I start MuseScore and load my music. I click on notes with my mouse and they sound; playback is normal. When I bring up piano using the "p" key it comes up, the notes show in the piano that I have struck them when I click on them in the sheet, with my mouse, and they sound. However, if I click on the virtual piano, no sound. If I click on my midi kybrd it shows on the virtual piano, but no sound.

Then I noticed that I did not have any piano notes in my sheet. I did have singers notes, but nothing yet in the piano section. So I figured adding notes to the piano section might make a diff. No change.

I am stumped at this point.

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Items I neglected in my first post.

I am running Linux Mint 20 (upgraded in place from previous version) and I applied Update Manager updates yesterday afternoon. Problem showed up some time after that.

This morning I switched into Note Input mode and started clicking keys on the Virtual Piano. I heard the notes and they went into the score. Clicking the MIDI keyboard activated the keys on the Virtual Keyboard, but no sound or note entry into score. Esc out of Note Input and went back in (using "n") several times with same results. Then, all of a sudden, notes started sounding when I used the midi keyboard.

Still no sound from Virtual Keyboard or midi keyboard when not in Note Input.

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Thanks for responding!

No, they all have sounds attached to them. And all the sounds work if I put notes in place and/or click on them.

However, everything started to work on its own yesterday while I was in the middle of a scoring session using my mouse.

I accidentality hit the keyboard and it entered a note and the note sounded. It still did not want to work (no sound) when I was not in note entry. I exited MuseScore at that time and brought it up again later and everything was back to normal.

I am an ex-IT guy and I hate gremlins! But, all is well that ends well. :-}

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