How do i record

• May 5, 2020 - 01:37



But if you're asking, how can you "record" music into MuseScore, it's not an audio program, it doesn't record. it's for creating music notation, and that is normally entered a note at a time, not via a "record" facility. See the Handbook under Note Input for more information.

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What is "the long way"?

Did you enter the song in MuseScore? If so, use the mixer to exclude parts which you do not consider part of the background, and export a MP3 file.

If you did not enter it into MuseScore, you will have to do this first.

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If the repeat bar has fewer beats than the time signature suggests - usually because there's a pickup beat at the start, then you might need to adjust the length of that too - use measure properties to do that. Use CTRL-Click in that bar for the drop down menu. It's a small detail - and you may not need that.

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