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• May 5, 2020 - 07:01

vscode debug

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I got the same error after running from the msvc.install directory. My workaround was to create a "workspaces" folder into my msvc.install_x64 directory (one directory up from msvc.install_XXX/bin where the MuseScore executable is). This should contain the "Advanced.workspace" and "Basic.workspace" files from the msvc.build_XXX\share directory.

There must be some copy step in the build script that is silently failing on my windows7 x-64 machine and causing this. I'll have to look more deeply into the script at some point...

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A tiny remark for mac users (since I got this problem running in debug mode on mac) ; even if you run the install step as indicated above you'll get the same workspace error ; this is because the MuseScore resources directory on Mac is located inside the MuseScore.App application bundle (bundles are the usual way to package apps on mac) ==> So after the install run you need to manually open the App bundle , and put the Basic and Advance workspace in

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